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Get in touch if you would like to request custom size lightbars or mirror guards as we can make a product that fits your exact measurements if they are not listed above.

We can also fit flashing amber lights. If you are interested you can enquire below.

Prouct details

  • Bar is made with top quality 304/316 high grade stainless steel


  • Contains two  marker lights in a range of colours


We also provide different colour combinations from the list given so if you would like your bar to contain different colour lights, leave a note in the customisation box with details of what colours you would like and their positioning.

Step Lightbar

Light colour
  • Two M8 bolts are put through the bar for mounting points. Customer can use brackets to mount the bar to their vehicle which involves no welding.


    NOTE: Brackets do not come with the bar

  • We also can create lightbars with flashing amber lights. Feel free to contact us to place an order containing flashing amber lights.

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